The International Positive Psychology Association is in the process of developing a new professional division focused on the topic of positive education. IPPAEd is a member-initiated special interest group that bridges research and practice, convenes diverse cultural and multidisciplinary perspectives, and provides a platform for members to connect and collaborate on efforts that advance our mission.

Mission Statement

The Division will bridge research and practice related to the application of positive psychology in formal and informal educational settings, and facilitate collaboration with members from around the world. The Division will support activities related to curriculum, pedagogy, administration, support services, and education systems, with the goal of supporting the well-being, character, and resilience of students, staff and educational communities.

Steering Committee:

  • Chair: Dr. Margaret (Peggy) Kern, Senior Lecturer Centre for Positive Psychology Melbourne Graduate School of Education The University of Melbourne.
  • Membership Lead: Charles Scudamore, Vice Principal at Geelong Grammar School in Victoria, Australia
  • World Congress Lead: Associate Professor Mathew A. White PhD, School of Education, Faculty of Arts, University of Adelaide.

Ways to Get Involved:

I. Join the division to receive updates.

Division membership is open to any IPPA member. To join the division, simply update your member profile. Log in to your IPPA profile and click Edit/View Information. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find the section with information about our current professional division(s). Click the box next to the Division name and click “save.”

II. Volunteer to help with special projects.

Click here to learn about current volunteer opportunities with the IPPAEd division.

To ask a question, learn more or volunteer for a leadership role, please email:

III. Review the Division Charter

Dr. Margaret Kern developed the initial charter with consultation from Carmelo Vazquez, Dianne Vella Brodrick, Angela Duckworth, Ilona Boniwell, Martin Seligman, Hans Henrik Knoop, and Herb Marsh.

If you have a question, please email: