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Partner with IPPA for the Well-Being of Your Organization – Large or Small

IPPA’s mission is to promote the science of positive psychology and its ethical, research-informed applications and to facilitate collaboration among researchers, teachers, students, and practitioners of positive psychology around the world and across academic disciplines. IPPA strives to create rigorous standards for the association’s activities in order to represent the field of positive psychology’s most current scientific knowledge. All sponsorship applications are subject to approval by the IPPA Board and/or WCPP Program Committee to ensure partnering organizations align with this mission and vision.

Please download the prospectus and complete the application on page 11 to apply for sponsorship. This agreement becomes valid upon approval by IPPA Board and/or WCPP Program Committee and a confirmation of sponsorship has been issued with receipt of payment.

A positive mental state helps support a healthier organization

Align your organization with the Science of Positive Psychology by partnering with the International Positive Psychology Association (IPPA) at our 2017 World Congress.  IPPA is the leading global organization creating rigorous standards for Positive Psychology through evidence-based science and the very highest levels of knowledge in research and practice.

Partnering with IPPA can help you grow your bottom line

A great deal of evidence has been uncovered that profitability, productivity, quality, innovation, customer loyalty, and employee engagement all improve markedly by applying positive psychology principles.  Organizations implementing practices that have emerged from research on Positive Psychology have significantly enhanced performance.  Becoming a sponsor gives organizations an inside track to being exposed to the potential of this important information.

As a sponsoring partner, you’ll create a synergy with your organization and the research, science, and practice of positive psychology.

Become a sponsoring partner at our 2017 IPPA World Conference today!

For a complete listing of sponsorship opportunities and benefits, download the prospectus.



For more information or to confirm your partnership with the IPPA, please contact:

Lynette Holloway
Phone:  647-984-6930

Andy Falter
Phone:  203-797-9559

Fourth World Congress Sponsors

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