The 2021 World Congress has an important theme: Wellbeing for All.  This theme weaves together three threads that are increasingly important as each of us strives to find courageous paths toward healing and a better world. Wellbeing for All means growing beyond the definition of wellbeing as being only the experience of an individual and understanding better what wellbeing looks like for all of us. Wellbeing for All means expanding the science of wellbeing and happiness to try ever harder and more intentionally to include all voices and all perspectives about what it means to lead a life worth living. And, Wellbeing for All means building, honing, and using our skills and knowledge to help address the many challenges that we face today as a global community, and that indeed threaten the wellbeing of all of us. To embrace the theme of Wellbeing for All and to achieve the purpose of the World Congress, we need your help and we need your participation!

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Given the uncertainty of global travel at present, we are excited to have the opportunity to virtually convene thousands of people like you – optimistic, generous, highly skilled, rigorously trained students of human flourishing who are making an impact in lives and communities around the world. Delegates to our World Congress are exactly the people our world needs to help lead and support others to learn from and grow beyond the many challenges that are facing us today. I call on you to be one of them; one of the leaders in attendance who will come away from our Congress with a renewed sense of purpose to impact the world!!

Whilst there are challenges with going virtual, we remain committed to stepping up the caliber of experience you can expect at the Congress. You can count on us bringing you exciting and powerful content from leading experts in the science, practice, and education of positive psychology, wellbeing, and human flourishing from around the world. In addition, we will be introducing new types of programming, we will be pushing hard to minimize the environmental impact of the Congress, and we are already working hard to design your experience as a delegate to assist you and each of your fellow delegates to carry with you a sense of partnership, a spirit of camaraderie, and a meaningful vision of how all of us can steer our efforts and abilities toward helping the world flourish in a difficult time. It will be a not-to-be-missed event and I encourage you to get July 15-17, 2021 on your calendars now!