• To promote the science of positive psychology and its research-based applications.
  • To facilitate collaboration among researchers, teachers, students, and practitioners of positive psychology around the world and across academic disciplines.
  • To share the findings of positive psychology with the broadest possible audience.

IPPA advances the evidence-based application of positive psychology through its programming, and its opportunities for practitioners, especially through the divisions. IPPA leaders are also playing a lead role in developing practitioner guidelines for the ethical and evidence-based application of the science in a number of professional contexts.

IPPA members who are interested in the latest positive psychology interventions and applications can access this information through a number of ways:


Join a professional division – IPPA’s professional divisions are micro-communities within our broader IPPA membership, where scholars and practitioners can connect to learn, collaborate on research or the design of evidence-based interventions and share knowledge. Within divisions, members can volunteer to lead special projects that often result in new programming, resources or opportunities for all division members. These include educational webinars, literature reviews, publications, online discussions, resource repositories, peer consultation groups and sessions at the World Congress on Positive Psychology. To learn more about IPPA’s divisions visit: http://www.ippanetwork.org/divisions

Read a Division publication(s) – IPPA’s professional divisions are micro-communities within our broader IPPA membership, where scholars and practitioners can connect to learn, collaborate on research or the design of evidence-based interventions and share knowledge. Three of IPPA’s divisions produce bi-annual peer-reviewed publications. Click below to read sample issues.

Positive Work and Organizations: Research and Practice

The Chronicle of Advances in Positive Health and Well-being

Positive Clinical Psychology: An International Perspective

Find colleagues, interventions, and resources in the IPPA Engage member community – IPPA’s new online community connects members in real time, year-round, to keep the momentum going in between in-person conferences. Members can post or respond to questions on the discussion boards, find and email colleagues through the member directory, and share or access resources such as case studies, practice briefs and curriculums (and more!) in the member repository.

Participate in an Intervention Design Challenge – Periodically and usually leading up to a Congress year, IPPA’s divisions will produce an intervention design challenge, where they invite members to submit innovative ideas for further development and collective learning. These multi-month initiatives allow for collaboration, increase knowledge about important considerations when building a Positive Psychology Intervention, contribute to best practices and standards for interventions, and harness the potential to launch research projects within the field.

Watch the Work and Organizations Division’s Digests and Dialogue Series – Within IPPA Divisions, members have opportunities to volunteer on projects that sometimes result in new educational resources for members. One example is the “Digests and Dialogue Series” that features short one-pagers explaining a concept related to positive organizational scholarship, along with a brief recorded conversation between a researcher and a practitioner who is applying his or her work.

Learn About the Outstanding Practitioner Award – The Outstanding Practitioner Award honors an IPPA practitioner who has shown the most outstanding excellence and impact in advancing the practice of positive psychology in ethical and evidence-based ways. Nominations will be accepted for a period of time and the award will be presented at the Sixth World Congress on Positive Psychology.

Visit the Virtual Learning Library – A growing collection of more than 200 recorded presentations and slide decks with references that cover basic science, applied science and evidence-based interventions spanning a variety of positive psychology topics. All presentations have been vetted and consist of the highest caliber presentations from all five past World Congress conferences, select regional positive psychology conferences and IPPA’s invited Positive Psychology Leader Series.

Attend a Positive Psychology leader Series webinar – A regular webinar series featuring live presentations or interviews with leading researchers and practitioners, Audience members are able to ask questions directly of the presenters and receive a bibliography of all research covered in the webinar. All webinars are recorded and made available to members online after the event.

Attend the Sixth World Congress on Positive Psychology – This biennial three-day conference features more than 100 invited scientist presentations and an accepted program with fourteen tracks for attendees to learn about the latest basic and applied science and tested interventions in the field. IPPA members receive a significant discount on the Congress registration fee.