IPPAed: Our Background


The International Positive Psychology Association (IPPA) is an international network that aims to promote the science and application of positive psychology, facilitate collaboration, and share findings with as many people as possible. IPPA organizes activities related to positive psychology around the world, bringing together the best knowledge from research with the best knowledge of application. Find out more about the organization at www.ippanetwork.org/

The IPPA Education Division (IPPAed) is the branch of IPPA that specifically considers positive psychology within the context of education. Positive education (PosEd) combines the science of positive psychology with the science and best practices of education to support and build wellbeing and character in students, staff, schools, and educational communities as a whole. IPPAed is a community that aims to support collaborative research and application in positive education. 

IPPAed: Our Mission

IPPAed Division aims to bridge research and practice related to the application of positive psychology in formal and informal educational settings at all levels and all ages, including early education, primary, secondary, tertiary, and beyond. The Division strives to facilitate collaboration amongst members from around the world, support high quality research, translate research into practice in an ethical manner, foster open dialogue, and promote the sharing of knowledge and resources amongst academics, researchers, practitioners, educators, and students worldwide. ​

IPPAed: Our Activities

ECPP 2018 Preconference

IPPAed is pleased to welcome you to a pre-conference to the European Conference on Positive Psychology 2018, at Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest, Hungary.

Regional Activities

What does Positive Education look like around the world? Our regional representatives are leading the way in connecting diverse perspectives from around the world.

Positive Education Resources

We are working together to collect and share resources around positive education, including research articles, links and websites, curricula, activities, and more.