The IPPA Work and Organizations Division’s mission is to serve as a bridge between research and practice and facilitate collaboration to increase the incorporation of positive psychology in academic research related to organizations and the practice of positive psychology in the organizational context, thereby positively transforming the way the world works.
This division is a forum for academics, researchers, practitioners, and organizations to communicate and collaborate on positive psychology research and application in the organizational and institutional context.

Preliminary Charter

Following a meeting at the Third World Congress on Positive Psychology in June 2013, a group of dedicated volunteers worked together and in consultation with IPPA Leadership to draft an initial vision and charter for the IPPA Work & Organizations Division. The proposed charter will inform the initial work of the division and will be reviewed, amended, and ratified by division leaders and members. In the meantime, it serves as a first glance at what the division’s organizational structure and mission will be.

Launch Committee

Many thanks to the following Launch Committee members who generously developed the initial vision and laid the groundwork for the Work and Organizations Division Committee:
Giselle Nicholson, Meghana Rao, Lisa Sansom, Dana Arakawa, Scott Crabtree, Michael Pearn, Scott Asalone, Shannon Polly, Luis Marrero, Pamela Teagarden, Karen Beard, Georgia Shreve, and Vanessa King.