What is SIPPA?

SIPPA is the student-focused division of the International Positive Psychology Association (IPPA). The mission of SIPPA is to create a community for students of positive psychology by facilitating networking, collaboration, and mentorship. SIPPA focuses on meeting these priorities by:
  1. Promoting and developing educational opportunities;
  2. Providing a supportive atmosphere for connecting students to other students, practitioners, and researchers interested in positive psychology.

Who is SIPPA for?

Students who are enrolled full-time and in good standing within an accredited, University-sponsored, degree-granting program. Student members are automatically enrolled in SIPPA upon registration.

Why Join?

Membership in SIPPA connects you to a vibrant community of fellow students, scholars, and practitioners working to advance the research and application of positive psychology. SIPPA offers many benefits to students, including:

  1. All professional member benefits, including:
    • Invitations to register for the Positive Psychology Leader Series webinars to learn directly from experts in the field.
    • Access to the IPPA Learning Library, with more than 200 archived presentations on various research and application topics in positive psychology
    • Networking and discussion in an online member community, IPPA Engage.
  2. Help with your research, clinical work, and professional development through the Mentoring Program, and Student Development Series webinars. SIPPA’s Student Development Series (SDS) is a student-focused webinar series that guides students through the process of career development by interviewing leading experts in the positive psychology field who will share their experiences so students can gain learnings and tips. The webinar will conclude with a period of live questions from students that will focus on life after study, publishing, and conferences, to Ph.D. or not, and more.
  3. Opportunity to practice presenting your work in the Student Speaker Series. SIPPA’s Student Speaker Series celebrates the student experience and perspective through live online interviews and presentations with students who are making an impact in the field of positive psychology. The Series will provide an opportunity for students to learn from one another, as well as to build speaking and presentation skills in front of an international community.
  4. Scholarship opportunities.
  5. A voice in the future of positive psychology.
How do you become a SIPPA Member?

By signing up for an IPPA student membership. Visit our membership page for more information. IPPA requires student members to provide verification of student status (e.g.: a copy of a current student ID card and/or transcript).