Every other year, IPPA hosts a global gathering of leading researchers and practitioners to share the latest research and best practices in positive psychology. The Seventh World Congress will be held on July 15-18, 2021 in Vancouver, Canada! The theme for 2021 is “Wellbeing for All,” representing a renewed call for practitioners educators, and researchers to broaden the scope of our work to bring together more voices and perspectives, and work toward a world in which our goal is not simple personal happiness but flourishing and wellbeing for all. Speakers and program highlights are forthcoming, but reserve the date now to join us in beautiful Vancouver! IPPA members who are active at the time of the World Congress will be eligible for discounted registration.  Archived presentations from previous World Congresses are also available to IPPA Members. Information
To support ongoing learning in positive psychology, IPPA hosts regular webinars with leading scholars and practitioners from our field. During each hour-long event, guest speakers like Martin Seligman, Barbara Fredrickson, Sonja Lyubomirsky, and many more present some of their latest findings and answer questions posed by the IPPA community. Participation in the Positive Psychology Leader Series is free for all current IPPA Members, Associates, Affiliates, and Students, who can also access recorded archives from previous events.Information
The IPPA community spans more than 70 countries and countless professional disciplines, such as psychology, business, education, law, coaching, and health. That diversity is one of our greatest strengths, as it affords us an opportunity not only to learn from a broad range of disciplines and cultures but also to create micro-communities within our organization of individuals passionate about particular topics. IPPA is currently home to five divisions: Work & Organizations; Positive Health & Wellness, Positive Clinical Psychology; IPPAEd (Education) and Students (SIPPA). Information
Every two years at the World Congress on Positive Psychology, IPPA recognizes outstanding contributions by researchers, practitioners and students in the field. Awards include the Christopher Peterson Gold Medal, Outstanding Practitioner Award, Raymond D. Fowler Service Award, IPPA Fellow, Early Career Researcher Award and Dissertation Award.  IPPA’s Student Scholarship Program helps students who would otherwise not be able to attend the Fifth World Congress on Positive Psychology take advantage of this unique career and learning opportunity. These scholarships help offset registration and/or travel costs for students who have been accepted to present a poster or presentation.Information
Members enjoy unlimited online access to more than 60 hours of video, 40 webinars and 150 slide decks covering ground-breaking research and applications of positive psychology collected through five World Congress events and past Leader Series webinars. Information
Periodically, IPPA learns of new research, events, educational opportunities, grants, and other developments in the field of positive psychology that can be shared with a wider audience. Membership in the IPPA community supports the production and distribution of these valuable communal resources.Information