Digests and Dialogues

Accessible overviews of pertinent topics that we can apply to our work and lives. 

The Learning and Development Committee of the Work and Organizations is pleased to introduce this new series designed to connect members from different professional backgrounds in discussion around pertinent topics in our field.

Each edition of the “Digests and Dialogue” Series will focus on single topic and will provide a simple, one-page digest (including links for further learning), and a recorded discussion with a top thinker. To develop these offerings, our team will connect with leaders in our field and curate content from IPPA’s member-only Learning Library.

We encourage you to share your questions, comments and experiences in the comments section of each post. Like friends sharing ideas over coffee in this virtual cafe, let’s see where the conversation leads us!


One page summaries.


Brief conversations about the application of science.


Psychological Capital
    (January 2017)                                                         

Positive Psychology as Organizational Potential

An article by Donald Officer, Work & Organizations Division

Power Paradox
(August 2017)

Power Paradox in Organizations

A dialogue between Dacher Keltner, Ph.D. and Balan Nair, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Liberty Global, facilitated by Bijal Choksi

Job Crafting
(June 2017)

Job Crafting Dialogue

A dialogue between Arnold Baker, Ph.D. and Jessica Londei-Shortall, Division Secretary