Welcome, Leaders!

We are grateful to you for your service to IPPA and the field of positive psychology!

IPPA’s five divisions play a vital role in advancing the science and research-informed applications, developing thought leadership and best practices for the field, and fulfilling our obligation to help members learn, connect and collaborate. Divisions help to bridge gaps between research and practice and share the findings of positive psychology with other professions, such as business management, education, healthcare, counseling and many more.

As a division leader, you play an essential role in leading volunteers, serving members, and advancing strategic efforts. We have developed this toolkit to give you tools and resources to help you succeed.

Take a moment to review the toolkit contents. You will find important policies and procedures for communicating with your members and engaging with outside groups, as well as several “How to” manuals detailing best practices to recruit strong volunteer teams and deliver engaging educational value.

If you ever have a question that is not addressed here, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

All the best,

Jenny Brennan, Director of Year-Round Programming

Johanna Lienerth, Divisions Program Manager


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