Welcome, Leaders!

We are so grateful for your service to IPPA and the field of positive psychology!

You play an essential role in the organization. So we have developed this toolkit to help you succeed!

Take a moment to review the toolkit contents. You will find important policies and procedures, as well as several “How to” manuals detailing best practices to recruit strong volunteer teams, engage your members, and deliver high-value programming!

We regularly update this toolkit with resources to help division leaders launch, grow and manage a division. Please check back often and feel free to contact us with questions.

All the best,

Jenny Brennan, Director of Year-Round Programming

Leona Brandwene, Division Committee Chair

Syndey Rubin, Director of Communications

NEWS: IPPA’s Divisions Committee is recruiting a Volunteer Support Lead. This one-year, volunteer position will support the Director of Divisions Program and Divisions Committee Chair. For more information, read the Volunteer Support Lead job description or contact jbrennan@ippanetwork.org.

Important Contacts:

2018 Division Leadership Teams Contact Sheet

To access the webinar and meeting production platform (GotoWebinar), request production support for webinars, and request email communications to members, contact: syd.l.rubin@gmail.com

To access web and phone conferencing service (uberconference), reservation calendars, your dedicated division email account, contact: Nicole Bower: nicole@adminsolutionsgroup.com

To submit content to Monthly News Round-up, email Editor@ippanetwork.org

To request a website update, email webmaster@ippanetwork.org

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Work and Organizations Division

Positive Health and Wellness Division

Positive Clinical Psychology Division

Positive Education Division

SIPPA Student Division

Build Your Team

Division Officers (President, President-Elect and Secretary), are elected by division membership and serve 2-year terms.

Committee Leads (various program leads, communication, etc.) are appointed by the Division Officers with the approval of the Divisions Committee Program Director. These leads may serve 1 or 2-year terms.

NEWS: All Divisions will recruit candidates for the President-Elect role in June – August 2018. See “Election Process” below for details.

Leadership Team Job Descriptions

Member Rules & Responsibilities

Connect with Regional Orgs

New Volunteer Orientation

Election vs. Appointment

Strategically Deliver Value

All division activity is guided by IPPA’s mission, strategic aims, and the division’s charter.

Typically, divisions:

  • Produce program sessions at the World Congress
  • Offer a biennial division award (in coordination with World Congress)
  • Publish regular newsletters or research briefs
  • Convene educational webinars, videos or interviews to facilitate researcher-practitioner dialogue
  • Create resources that can be shared with members online
  • Keep members updated through monthly emails to members

Officers are invited annually to propose new division activities by submitting an “Activity Proposal” (see below for template) to the Divisions Committee Chair.

IPPA’s Strategic Aims

How to Propose a New Division Offering

2018 Activity Proposal Template

Results of Member Surveys to Identify Needs

“HOW TO” for Division Activities:

Engage your Members

Produce a Publication

Join the Mentoring Program

Host an Educational Webinar

Use the Learning Library & PPLS Collections

Plan Conference Programming & Outreach

Reserve Conference & Webinar Lines

Request Funds for Activities

Virtual Member Community

How to propose a new division:

Proposing a Division

Role of Steering Committee

Charter Components

Division Membership Criteria

Other Activities