PeggyDr. Margaret Kern
Steering Committee Chair 

Peggy Kern, PhD, is a Senior Lecturer Centre for Positive Psychology Melbourne Graduate School of Education The University of Melbourne. Her research addresses the question of who flourishes and why. More specifically, my research focuses on two related areas: (a) understanding and measuring healthy functioning, and (b) evaluating sophisticated theories of psychosocial processes underlying health over time.


Charlie Scudamore 
Steering Committee Co-Chair & Membership Lead

Charlie Scudamore is the Vice Principal at Geelong Grammar School where he oversees staff and student welfare, Positive Education, Creativity and Indigenous initiatives. He has been responsible for the organisation and implementation of the Positive Psychology/Education strategy at Geelong Grammar School and has supported the strategic direction and implementation of the Handbury Centre for Wellbeing and Institute of Positive Education initiatives. Professor Martin Seligman, Head of the Positive Psychology Department at the University of Pennsylvania awarded him with the Inaugural ‘Pioneer Award’ for applications of Positive Psychology in an educational setting.


mathew-professional-headshots-adelaide11Mathew White, Ph.D.
World Congress Lead

Associate Professor Mathew A. White (PhD, University of Adelaide) is Director of Wellbeing & Positive Education at St Peter’s College – Adelaide in Australia where he serves on the Senior Leadership Team. He is Principal Fellow in the Melbourne Graduate School of Education at The University of Melbourne, and Affiliate of the Wellbeing Institute, University of Cambridge. Mathew’s public sector presentations include the Wellbeing Round Table at No. 10 Downing St, Government of South Australia’s Office for Public Sector, Governor’s Leadership Foundation South Australia. Mathew represented St Peter’s College as lead partner in Dr Martin Seligman’s appointment as Thinker in Residence – Department of the Premier and Cabinet for the Government of South Australia. Mathew has been a keynote, workshop leader or invited pre-conference speaker at the International Positive Education Network’s World Congress, and the International Positive Psychology Association’s World Congress. He has co-authored two of the top 6 most-read Journal of articles in the Journal of Positive Psychology. He has published in the International Wellbeing, Psychology, International Journal of Appreciative Inquiry, International Education Journal and Oxford Handbook of Happiness. He is co-editor of three books: Evidence-based Approaches to Positive Education (Springer), Theology Encountering Positive Psychology (2017, Wipf & Stock) and Future Directions in Wellbeing: education, organizations and policy. Mathew is a member of the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute Wellbeing & Resilience Centre’s Education Committee; Academic Advisory Board, Positive Psychology Centre, The University of Melbourne; and Academic Committee, St Mark’s College, Adelaide’s largest residential university college. The Australian College of Educators, the national professional association for educators across all sectors and systems, awarded Mathew one of only 11 Fellowships in 2016. He was founding Director of Leadership at Teach For Australia and founding Head of Positive Education at Geelong Grammar School. The International Positive Education Network appointed Mathew one of 50 founding representatives that represent 28 different countries.