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Student Spotlight: Sierra Trudel

August 15, 2018|

Who is Sierra Trudel?


Hello SIPPA readers! First I’d like to explain a bit about my journey into positive psychology and how that has lead to the person I am today. My passion for positive psychology began while I was working for a yoga based retail company. This company was transformational. Beginning as a part-time employee, I was taught […]

Learn It, Be It: Grounding Through Senses

August 15, 2018|

by Sierra Trudel

SIPPA President

“All our knowledge begins with the senses.”

-Immanuel Kant

Western society is plagued with the detrimental effects of daily stress. The contemporary lifestyle in the United States, characterized by a 24/7 economy and on-the-go lifestyle, is leaving its citizens with feelings of tension, overwhelming stress, feeling rushed, and restless. These experiences often lead to damaging health effects. Stress […]

Regional Representative Report: 9th European Conference on Positive Psychology

August 15, 2018|

by Beata Souders

The 9th European Conference on Positive Psychology held in Budapest, Hungary from June 27th to the 30th was a huge success that speaks to the tremendous involvement and many contributions of the student community to the field of positive psychology. Students from around the globe presented their research and scientific posters and actively participated in the conference’s […]

Positive Prose

August 15, 2018|

“The Hope Circuit” by Martin Seligman

From hopelessness to deeply enriched optimism, Martin Seligman examines his personal accounts with the development of the field of psychology and how positive psychology flourished. This memoir boasts compelling stories of Dr. Seligman’s major findings within psychology, including, fostering positive education, the launch of the US Army’s Master Resilience Program for soldiers, and debunking […]

August 2018

August 15, 2018|

Regional Representative Report: Québec

August 15, 2018|

by Rémi Thériault, SIPPA regional representative for the region of Québec


I’m here as your new Québec regional representative reporting for you on the fourth Canadian Conference on Positive Psychology that was held in Toronto May 23-25! From relationships to positive institutions, between posters and talks to experiential workshops, morning yoga sessions and a magic show on empathy, there was […]


November 2, 2017|

It’s such a great experience to see your work published amongst your colleagues and peers.

Your words could be shared with those you wish to collaborate with and whom you admire. It is no small task to write an article which will be both scholarly and engaging, but I know you can do it! We not only invite you to […]

New SIPPA Division Opportunities

October 28, 2017|

I would like to begin by inviting your ideas, thoughts and suggestions. We aim to deliver value to you, our colleagues and members. Your feedback really does make a difference. Please send your thoughts and comments to

Student Speaker Series

October 28, 2017|

I would like to begin by inviting your ideas, thoughts and suggestions. We aim to deliver value to you, our colleagues and members. Your feedback really does make a difference. Please send your thoughts and comments to

If you haven’t yet visited our archive of past presenters then I cannot recommend a more inspiring and worthwhile reason to put down […]


October 28, 2017|

If you have recently contacted us requesting a mentor, we are working on your request and will be in touch shortly.

Whether you’re an undergraduate, graduate, or postgraduate, we would like to connect you with other graduate students and professionals to support your journey.

We’re always seeking new mentors. Are you a graduate student who could support an undergraduate student? Please […]