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Positive Culture: Crossing Bhutan

April 29, 2017|

Positive Culture
Culture can be positive, negative, created through language, dance, fashion, music, writing, painting, education, organisations and any other way in which our bodies, identity and the social world mutually shape each other. I importantly want to address quickly the importance of avoiding dualisms by looking at culture as a whole, with both the negative and the positive which […]

SIPPA Student Spotlight, Next Up: Kate Andrews

April 29, 2017|

SIPPA Student Spotlight
The Student Speaker Series runs on a quarterly basis and SIPPA welcomes applications throughout the year.
Develop your public speaking skills, share your research idea & connect with an international audience? Does this sound like something you would like to do?

SIPPA’s Student Speaker Series helps students to learn from one another and develop their speaking and presentation skills […]

SIPPA Mentoring

April 29, 2017|

A message from Mentoring Co-Chairs 
Mentoring can elevate your journey through development and in becoming a practitioner or researcher. This is why SIPPA supports mentoring activities, because we aim to support our valued student members at all levels and create great opportunities for professional growth and development. 
Benefits of having a mentor
This is an amazing opportunity for students to build a […]

2017 5th World Congress SIPPA Event

April 29, 2017|

Friday, July 14th from 7 – 8:30 pm
We’re very excited to present you with our mini-workshops event which promises to be a really special experience for mentors and mentees. This hands-on positive psychology experience will showcase each division of IPPA and include a Question & Answers section. We will announce our amazing Mentors in due course and we’re sure you […]

SIPPA’s Mission and Vision, From Our President

April 29, 2017|

A message from our Presidents
Our team of Presidents really love to support IPPA’s student division members. We have created a mission and vision which we hope reflects this and enable us to support you, our members in the best way possible. We each approached this section of the newsletter with openness and gratitude for the opportunity to really connect […]

August 2016

April 20, 2017|

Dear Colleagues,

In our August newsletter, we have several announcements and opportunities to volunteer with SIPPA.  First, thank you to all applicants for the SIPPA executive council.  We look forward to finalizing the positions and introducing the newest members of the SIPPA executive council in the near future.  Second, for those of you who are interested in volunteering with SIPPA, you […]

April 2013 Newsletter

March 16, 2017|

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Message from the President: August 2016

August 22, 2016|

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July 7, 2016|

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Student Spotlight: Denise Martins

May 23, 2016|

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