Division Leadership

Article 10, Section 3 of IPPA’s Constitution states that “A division shall have a President and Secretary and such other officers as it may determine.”

Each division have at least three volunteer officer positions:

Additionally, Officers may recruit and appoint leads for other key volunteer roles:

Officer and Volunteer Lead responsibilities are as follows:

Division President

The Division President is the highest-ranking elected officer, who presides over and supports all activities of the Division. Some of the key responsibilities include:

  • Consulting with Division members and IPPA leadership to identify and develop programs that advance the mission of the division and association
  • Serving as the primary spokesperson for the Division
  • Reporting to the IPPA Leadership and the Board of Directors on a quarterly basis about Division activities, main accomplishments, membership levels and financials and any challenges or future plans that would benefit from IPPA support
  • Ensuring that Division members’ interests are represented in IPPA Board meetings as an official part of the Board of Directors.

Division President-Elect

The Division President-Elect is the second-ranking elected officer in each division and assumes the highest-elected position at the next election.  Some of the key responsibilities include:

  • Supporting the Division President in fulfilling the goals and objectives of the Division by providing continuity to established programs and by formulating future programs.
  • Assuming the responsibility of the Division President in his or her absence
  • Accepting responsibilities delegated by the Division President, such as overseeing special projects and being a committee member/project team liaison.

Division Secretary                                                         

The Division Secretary serves as the chief administrative officer for the Division. Some of the key responsibilities include:

  • Assuring the maintenance of records and compliance with Division and Association policies and procedures
  • Oversight of communications, including recording minutes of division meetings, initiating correspondence both within the division and between the division and IPPA, liaising with committees, and sharing knowledge internally
  • Serving on the Executive Committee.

Term Length and Limits: President and Secretary are each two-year terms. The President Elect will serve a two-year term in this role before transitioning into the President role. Outgoing Division Presidents are not eligible for a subsequent term as President-Elect. There are no term limits for the position of Secretary, assuming the outgoing Secretary wins re-election.

Eligibility: Division officers must be members in good standing of both IPPA and the division in which the office is located.  This includes IPPA Members, Associates, and Students.  IPPA Affiliates are not eligible to run for office. Current IPPA Board members are eligible to hold a concurrent office in one of the IPPA professional divisions, but members of the IPPA Executive Committee are not.  All candidates for division offices are subject to IPPA Executive Committee approval.