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November 20, 2019|

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My Conversation with New IPPA Health & Wellness Division President, Dr. Liana Lianov, MD. (Interview)
Interviewer, Dr. Elaine O’Brien (EO). Liana, congratulations. We are thrilled to have you as our new IPPA Health and Wellness (H&W) President-Elect. I have been following your brilliant career, dedication to positive health and medicine, (attending your webinars and presentations), and trajectory […]

Digests and Dialogues Series

November 14, 2019|

Digest: Building Eudaimonic Organizations


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Leader Series Webinar: How and Why to Develop Character

November 12, 2019|

The Positive Psychology Leader Series will welcome Character Lab Founder and CEO, Angela Duckworth on December 18, 2019. Dr. Duckworth will share her latest work on character development and answer audience questions in the live-format webinar.
How and Why to Develop Character
with Angela Duckworth, Ph.D.
December 18th* 5:00pm EST – 6:00pm EST
In this talk, Dr. Duckworth will explain the importance of three […]

Test post

October 29, 2019|

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Leader Series Welcomes Jennifer Cheavens, Ph.D.

October 3, 2019|

IPPA’s members-only Positive Psychology Leader Series will welcome presenter Dr. Jennifer Cheavens on October 16, 2019.

Join us for:

Hope Therapy and a Novel Approach to Psychopathology Interventions
with Jennifer Cheavens, Ph.D.

October 16, 2019
5:00 PM – 6:00 PM ET

After studying hope with C.R. Snyder and Shane Lopez and observing the association between hope and depression, suicidal ideation, and anxiety, Dr. Cheavens and colleagues […]

Watch 20 Videos from 6th World Congress on Positive Psychology!

October 3, 2019|

The 6th World Congress on Positive Psychology in Melbourne, Australia, was a great success!  More than 1600 delegates from 60 countries came together to learn about the latest positive psychology science and research-based applications.  We invite you to join the thousands of IPPA members who are still savoring the experience by joining IPPA today.

As a member, you will be […]

Leader Series Welcomes Shelly Gable

August 28, 2019|

As a follow-up to her thought-provoking, TED-style talk at the 5th World Congress, Dr. Shelly Gable will be enlightening us on new research in capitalization and active constructive responding (ACR) in interpersonal relationships. This includes benefits to the person, benefits to the relationship, and the importance of perceived responsiveness as a core mechanism. She will also describe new and exciting work in […]

Leader Series Welcomes John Zelenski

July 31, 2019|

The impact of nature on the human psyche is felt by anyone who has strolled through the woods or gazed upon a quiet lake. Recently, researchers have theorized a concept called “nature relatedness (NR)” which has been tested in empirical settings to investigate the connection between nature and happiness, psychological well-being, and even prosocial behavior. In this webinar, Dr. […]

2019 IPPA Award Winners Announced!

July 31, 2019|

IPPA’s Award Program recognizes the accomplishments of leaders who make important contributions to the field through research, practice, thought-leadership, and service. 

At the Sixth World Congress on Positive Psychology in Melbourne, Australia, IPPA bestowed the following awards on deserving IPPA members:  

Christopher Peterson Gold Award
Outstanding Practitioner Award
Raymond D. Fowler Service Award
IPPA Fellows
Early Career Researcher
Dissertation […]

A New Members-only Community, IPPA Engage!

June 30, 2019|
IPPA Engage is a new members-only community that allows members to connect, learn and share information year-round and from anywhere in the world.

IPPA Engage features:

Member profiles – introduce yourself, highlight your work and experiences
Searchable member directory – find colleagues from around the world based on shared topics of interest, geography, workplace, educational background, profession, and other search […]