Save the Date for the 7th  World Congress on Positive Psychology, July 15-18, 2021, Vancouver, Canada!

The theme for 2021 is “Wellbeing for All,” representing a renewed call for practitioners educators, and researchers to broaden the scope of our work to bring together more voices and perspectives, and work toward a world in which our goal is not simple personal happiness but flourishing and wellbeing for all. Speakers and program highlights are forthcoming, but reserve the date now to join us in beautiful Vancouver!

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The 6th World Congress on Positive Psychology in Melbourne, Australia, was a great success! More than 1600 delegates from 60 countries came together to learn about the latest science and research-based applications. 

If you were not able to attend, now is your chance to watch 20+ videotaped sessions if you join as a member! 

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6th World Congress Video Collection (plenary, keynote and division sessions):

  • Meike Bartels, Well-being, Loneliness, and Self Rated Health; What’s the Chicken and what’s the Egg?
  • Roy Baumeister, Thinking about the Future: Whether, When, Why, How, Who, What … and So What?
  • Kim Cameron, The Effects Of Positive Leadership On Organizations And Their Employees
  • Incheol Choi, Differential Benefits Of Seeking Pleasure Vs. Meaning: The Role Of Age And Gene Expressions
  • John Cryan, Microbiomes: A Gut Feeling About Happiness
  • Barbara Fredrickson, Other People Matter: Evidence for the Value of Positivity Resonance
  • Jonathan Haidt, The Coddling Of The Anglo-American Mind: The Disastrous Consequences Of Ignoring Basic Insights From Positive Psychology
  • Mohsen Joshanloo, Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Mental Well-Being: Recent Findings and Implications
  • Steve Levanthal, From Universal Values To Universal Promise: Envisioning The Possibilities Of Positive Psychology In A Multicultural, Global World
  • Sonja Lyubomirsky, Revisiting the Happiness Pie Chart: The Science of Interventions Aimed at Increasing Well-being
  • Judith Moskowitz, Positive Emotions As Mediators Of Effects Of Positive Psychology Interventions On Well-being
  • Jeanne Nakamura, Engagement after Midlife: Lessons from Lives of Commitment
  • Acacia Parks, Building a Foundation for the Global Dissemination of Well-being Interventions
  • James Pawelski, The Positive Humanities: Collaborating with the Arts and Humanities to Advance the Science and Evidence-Based Practice of Well-being
  • Sarah Pressman, Unpacking the “Active” Ingredients in the Positive Affect-Health Connection
  • Wilibald Ruch, Character Strengths: Past Present Future
  • Wilmar Schaufeli, Positive Occupational Health Psychology — Work Engagement And Beyond
  • Martin & Mandy Seligman, Marty, Mandy, & Living Positive Psychology
  • Michael Steger, What Can We Actually Do to Find More Meaning in Our Lives?
  • Shannon Suldo, Promoting Students’ Subjective Well-being in Comprehensive School-Based Mental Health Services

Four sessions presented by IPPA’s professional divisions:

  • Positive Organizational Intervention Challenge Finals: Work and Organizations Division presents research-based interventions developed by member practitioners for the workplace.
  • Clinical Case Study Challenge Finals: Positive Clinical Psychology Division presents case studies of how therapists are utilizing positive psychology with clients.
  • Positive Health and Wellness Data Extravaganza: Positive Health and Wellness Division presents the top research abstracts on the topic of positive health presented by scientists.
  • International Perspectives on Positive Education Symposium: Education Division (IPPAEd) presents a riveting discussion about how positive education looks in China, UK, South Africa, Singapore, and Denmark! 

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