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Welcome to the Fifth World Congress Collection!

This collection includes presentations from the Fifth World Congress on Positive Psychology, which occurred in Montréal, Canada, July 13 -16, 2017.  

More than thirty plenary and invited speakers generously authorized IPPA to share recordings of their presentations with members for educational purposes.

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Full List of Presentations

Alejandro Adler
Sara Algoe
George Bonanno
Kim Cameron
Patty Van Cappellen
Lahnna Catalino
Geoffrey Cohen
Steve Cole
David Cooperrider
Darren Coppin
Alia Crum
Mihalyi Csikszentmihalyi
Angela Duckworth
Robert Easton
Johannes Eichstaedt
Elissa Epel
Barbara Fredrickson
Shelly Gable
Lindsey Godwin
Laura King
Sonja Lyubomirsky
Judith Moskowitz
Ignacio Pavez
Elise L. Rice
Linda Robson
Martin Seligman
Tania Singer
Michael Steger
Robert J Vallerand
Ruut Veenhoven
Jamil Zaki

Teaching Well-being Enhances Academic Performance
TED-Style Talk: The Case for “Thank You”
Loss, Trauma and Human Resilience: From Heterogeneity to Flexibility
Positive Leadership and Positive Energy
Spirituality as a Path From and Toward Positivity
Prioritizing Positivity
Creating Turning Points
Plenary Presentation: Genomic Perspectives on Human Well-being
Appreciative Inquiry and the Macro Promise of Positive Psychology
TED-Style Talk – Positive Psychology & Impacting Policy
Ted-Style Talk: Positive Health Psychology
Towards a Planetary Consciousness
Character: A Tripartite Taxonomy
Collective Workplace Flourishing
Measuring Well-Being through Big Data

Flourishing As We Age: A View From Our Telomeres
Positive emotions produce nonconscious and increasing motives…
Ted-Style Talk: Capitalizing on the Positives in Close Relationships
Appreciative Inquiry’s Positive Change Equation
Meaning and Randomness
Whither Happiness? When, How, and Why Positive Activities Might Undermine Versus Boost Well-Being
Positive Affect Intervention to Help People Cope with Health-Related Stress: Progress, Promise, and Lessons Learned
An Empirical Understanding of Appreciative Organizing
Do Positive Spontaneous Thoughts Function as Incentive Salience?
Ratios for flourishing in the Midst of Change
Positive Psychology: Future, Present, Past
Plasticity of the Social Brain
Meaning: Bringing Durable Flourishing to Life
New Developments on a Theory of Passion
Know Your Happiness: Effects of using the Happiness Indicator
Ted-Style Talk: Choosing Empathy

Plenary Speakers

Invited Speakers

Founder’s Symposium

15 Minute Talks

Accepted Presenter Slides

Thank you to our members who contributed their knowledge to the positive psychology commons. If you presented at the 5th World Congress and would like to contribute your work, please upload your slides as a .pdf file here.

Ricardo Arguis Rey
Veronika Huta
Jadzia Jagiellowicz
Aaron Jarden

Shintaro Kono

Erin Lefdahl-Davis

Renata Livramento

Annie Norman
Dina Pozzo
Cynthia Pury
Kaori Sato, Yamagata University
Dr. Marike Schotanus-Dijkstra
Naghmeh Taghva
John Zelenski