Date: Thursday, October 8, 2020

Time: 10:00am-11:00am (EST)

Description:During this discussion, the authors of Thriving Women, Thriving World will share why and how they collaborated to address global issues of gender abuse and inequality. Each author will share how they are in the book and how the book lives in them! They will describe their collective determination to apply Appreciative Inquiry and social constructionist practices in the workplace to create a set of tools to flip conversations and ultimately relational realities away from patriarchy toward equality and thriving for all.  After a brief overview of Chapter 13: Five Arts of Thriving, they will invite you to discuss how you find yourself in the book. Finally, they will facilitate a discussion of how the book has been used and might be used in book groups, families, communities, and organizations given the current call to dialogue and action.

To learn more about the book Thriving Women, Thriving World visit the Taos Institute website

“This book is revolutionary…I think we will all benefit from the wisdom of the authors who, using Appreciative Inquiry, have created new possibilities for gender relationships, bringing us closer to the vision promised by the 19th amendment for true gender equality.” Mary Gergen

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Diana Whitney, Ph.D.


Diana Whitney is an internationally acclaimed consultant, writer, and inspirational speaker working at the forefront of the field of dialogical organization development and positive social change. She is an expert in Appreciative Inquiry and Appreciative Leadership, an executive advisor, founder of Corporation for Positive Change, and co-founder of the Taos Institute. She is an award-winning author of twenty books including The Power of Appreciative Inquiry and Appreciative Leadership.

Tanya Cruz Teller, M.A.
Tanya Cruz Teller’s 20+ years of international and organization development work is committed to a diverse, equitable and inclusive world through building great organizations. She specializes in blended, a/synchronous online engagements that maximize inclusion, innovation, and inspired action. In addition to co-authoring: Thriving Women, Thriving World: An Invitation to Dialogue, Healing and Inspired Actions; Tanya’s appreciative leadership work in South Africa is published in the book: Inclusive Leadership: Transforming Diverse Lives, Organizations, and Societies.

Haesun Moon, Ph.D., MCC(c), CSFC
Haesun Moon is a leading expert and educator on coaching and the use of language in transforming workplace dialogues leading to social change. Her academic and professional research in coaching dialogues and pedagogy from the University of Toronto introduced a simple coaching model, Dialogic Orientation Quadrant, that has transformed the way people coach and learn coaching worldwide. Haesun teaches Brief Coaching at the University of Toronto and serves as Executive Director at the Canadian Centre for Brief Coaching.

Marlene Ogawa 


Marlene Ogawa works across collaboration initiatives building principles of inclusive and relational leadership and connectedness. She uses her convening expertise to strategically hold space using various methodologies. Marlene uses Appreciative Inquiry and diversity, equity, and inclusion transformative processes across geographies towards activating and building inner agency of individuals towards collective systemic social change. Marlene is a co-author of the book: Thriving Women, Thriving World: An Invitation to Dialogue, Healing and Inspired Actions.


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