On Monday, April 27, leaders of IPPA’s Positive Clinical Psychology Division held a Q&A to help member clinicians continue working effectively and incorporating positive psychology into clinical practice during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Panelists discussed techniques, shared resources, and answered questions like:
1) How have you modified your practice during COVID-19?
2) How do you incorporate positive psychology into your clinical work?
3) What would you say to someone who thinks that positive psychology is a luxury right now?
4) How can a connection be facilitated despite physical distancing?
5) How are you maintaining a routine during quarantine?
6) How can we help clients experience realistic optimism?

The Positive Clinical Psychology Division offers a monthly Virtual Peer Consultation Group and is in the process of organizing more webinars catered to clinicians. The International Positive Psychology Association and the Positive Clinical Psychology Division also offer a number of other member benefits, including:

  • An online webinar series, featuring the top leaders in positive psychology, such as Angela Duckworth, Barbara Fredrickson, Sonja Lyubomirsky, Martin Seligman, Lea Waters, and many more!
  • A virtual library of positive psychology resources
  • A organization-wide and division-specific community board, often used to post questions and share resources
  • And more!