About the Series:

Positive Voices, Inc. recently reached out to IPPA to showcase our organization and to highlight the work of many leaders from across the world of Positive Psychology, in a new interview series called “Coping with COVID”.

The legendary Larry King and the University of Pennsylvania professor Dr. James Pawelski interviewed leading experts in Positive Psychology to ask the questions that we need answers to now.

Discussions are archived on Facebook and appear below as well.

The Series will feature guests:

  • Dr. Sonja Lyubomirksy is a world-leading researcher in positive activities and shares things we can do to increase our well-being. Many of these are simple in-the-moment activities backed by science.
  • Dr. Jane Dutton is the world’s leading expert on High-Quality Connections. In these days of physical distancing, we need to reduce feelings of isolation. Jane shares how to promote connection while physical distancing.
  • Dr. Ken Pargament is a leading expert in spirituality and well-being. He shares how we all, even those of us who are not religious, can embrace what is sacred to help us elevate.
  • Dr. John Ratey is the world’s foremost authority on the brain-fitness connection. He shares how moving our bodies can impact our mood, affect our overall well-being, and even boost our immune systems.


Interview with Dr. Jane Dutton

Interview with Dr. John Ratey

Interview with Dr. Sonja Lyubomirsky

Interview with Dr. Lea Waters

Interview with Dr. Kenneth Pargament

Interview with Dr. Judith Moskowitz:

Interview with Dr. Robert Vallerand: