Interventions for Mental Well-being

Ernst Bohlmeijer: Presenter

February 19, 1:00 pm ET*


In this webinar, IPPA’s 2019 Contributions in Positive Health award winner, Dr. Ernst Bohlmeijer will present meta-analytical and RCT findings on the effectiveness of positive psychology interventions for both the general public and clinical populations. He will also introduce a new model of sustainable mental health. This model integrates positive psychology and clinical psychology in mental health care. It transcends a dichotomy of ‘positive’ psychology versus ‘negative’ psychology and transforms mental health care towards a more balanced treatment model.

More about our Guest:

Ernst Bohlmeijer is a professor at Twente University (The Netherlands) and chair of the Department of Technology of Behavior Change. His research comprises two main topics: 1) mental health promotion, and 2) the use of (e) technology in (mental) health care. He has a special interest in the development and evaluation of innovative (digital) interventions in health care. He has supervised many randomized controlled trials and developed many interventions aiming at enhancing resilience and well-being and reducing distress based on positive psychology, acceptance and commitment therapy, and compassion focused therapy. Since 2012 Dr. Bohlmeijer has (co-) published over 100 peer-reviewed papers, 3 scientific books, and 6 popular books, among which Using Positive Psychology Every DayLearning how to flourish, an evidence-based self-help book.

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