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Two Announcements of Importance to Health and Well-Being Division Members

1. Dr. Sarah Pressman presented a recent IPPA Positive Health & Wellness Webinar, “Positive Emotions, Stress, and Health: What We Know and Future Directions.” Award winning, Dr. Pressman, is an Associate Professor of Psychology and Social Behavior in the School of Social Ecology at the University of California, Irvine. Her excellent recorded Webinar is here  You will see Dr. Pressman deliver her evidence-based research, fascinating information, and inspiring tools around how positive emotions play a role in protecting us from the harmful effects of stress. In discussing the link between Positive Emotions and Health, Dr. Pressman explains how psychosocial factors impact our biology, why feeling happy matters to our health, and how positivity is associated with mortality. For more information about Dr. Sarah Pressman, including her IPPA PHW Webinar Abstract, Bio, Photo, TedX Talk, and Research please see this link. 

2. We are happy to share MAPP Magazine 2019, Volume 2 with our IPPA members. The MAPP Magazine features a compelling interview with brilliant Professor Lea Waters, PhD., IPPA President: In this interview Co-Editor, Elaine O’Brien, PhD, MAPP offers how Lea has galvanized and inspired people around the world, including through her most recent Strengths Switch research and practice. In addition to the fascinating and rich interview with Dr. Waters, MAPP Magazine delivers a variety of terrific stories about health and well-being from University of Pennsylvania MAPP Alumni Authors across domains. 

We wish to thank the following colleagues as reviewers for this 2nd Edition of the Chronicle of Advances in Positive Health and Well-Being under the leadership of Associate Editors, Dr. Elaine O’Brien and Dr. Kimberley Sibille.

Franchesca Arias, University of Florida
Emily Bartley, University of Florida
Star Booker, University of Florida
Duane Corbett, University of Florida
Lunthita Duthely, Miami University School of Medicine
Carly Maitlin, Princeton University
Cyndi Garvan, University of Florida
Kevin Healy, Notre Dame
Alisa Johnson, University of Florida
Srikant Manchiraju, Florida State University School of Entrepreneurship
Keesha Roach, University of Florida
Lisa Leahy Scherer, University of Nebraska at Omaha
Ellen Terry, University of Florida

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