Under the leadership of the Positive Health & Wellness Division’s Literature Review Team (Alina Yarova, Lisa Miller, and Hitomi Katsumi), we have been fortunate to have the help of many volunteers to make our literature review project a success. The Division would like to thank and acknowledge the seventeen amazing volunteers hailing from eight countries for their incredible work on this project. In just a short amount of time, they have researched over 180 published articles that relate to the field of positive health and wellness for its foundational assessment. Thank you everyone for contributing your time and talents to this project — we couldn’t have started this without your support! We truly enjoyed connecting with each and every one of you throughout this process, and we hope to stay in touch as the project continues on!


Positive Health & Wellness Division Literature Review Project Volunteers

(Listed alphabetically by last name)


Wendy Beach, Portugal

Jessica Busler, United States

Brian Enclade, United States

Sonya Flessati, Canada

Cheryl Fry, Australia

Lorraine Gahles-Kildow, United States

Kevin Healy, United States

Michael MacDonald, Canada

Srikant Manchiraju, United States

Vassia Manika, Greece

Cass Middleton, Australia

Nicole Mikanik, United States

Ariana Morales, Mexico

Di-Anne Robin, Canada

Jennifer Savage, Australia

Timothy Voehl, United States

Helen Wood, New Zealand, England


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