Education Division 
Election 2018


Hello, I don’t know if you feel the same but “tell me about yourself” is one of the hardest questions that trips me whenever I have to answer it, as summarizing your life in few words or sentences is a bit tricky, but I am always ready to give it a try, so my name is Mahabbeh Mowakket, it is an Arabic name as I am Syrian, it is translated as “Love”, and it is not a common name, so we don’t walk around in Syria calling each other “love”, just me, I am recently became a mom for the first time, so I have my baby boy Akkad, he is 8 months old, and such a happy happy baby that I wish everyone in the world will have one of their own, I live with my husband in Dubai whom I met, fell in love an marry in Dubai, as I moved here in 2011 after the revolution has started in Syria, and I had to go somewhere safe, so I moved to Dubai, my current occupation is an Office Manager for a Dutch company, so I run their office in Dubai for over than three years by now, and I am leaving my current job by the end of the year to start exploring new challenges and opportunities as the job is not challenging for me anymore, and I think this is a healthy sign to move on, to keep growing, I have worked as a coordinator prior this for a finance and sales division in a local company in Dubai, and before that I worked in several positions in Customer service and customer service back offices and that between 2007 till 2013, i am a graduate from Aleppo University, in 2009, as I studied economics and I am 32 years old, one of the highlights of my life is the three years that spent volunteering to work with special needs in Syria just before I leave, as I worked as a trainer and a teacher for kids, I taught them computer, math and English language. I love life, and I believe that wellbeing is a right for everybody to have, and I live my life holding this belief dearly, and this is what keeps me going, and eager to grow more and more, I like reading, watching good movies ( a really good ones), nature, walking and hiking, I meditate daily, and try to apply mindfulness in as many aspects of my life as possible, I love beauty, and see it everywhere, I am an uplifted, energetic, enthusiastic most of my days, what makes me the happy person that everybody thinks I am when they meet me in person, and nothing thrills me more than seeing wellbeing and happiness spreading, specially in the harsh environments, I wish that this summary has given a glimpse on how my life is going, and how I feel about it, and I am honored that you have completed reading my biography that i wrote, so thank you, and best wishes.

Statement of Purpose:

If you are like me, then you know the feeling of being productive, active, involved in what you believe in, be part of something great, and seeing your self serving a purpose, then you know what drives me to work with IPPA, I know that I can serve the mission of the division as I am personally share it, and I feel that I am privileged to know and be part of IPPA, and that it is important for me to do as much as I can in this field because of where I come from, and where I am now, I can’t ignore the fact that I am Syrian, and I was lucky enough to get to know positive psychology that helped me develop and grow and get over the feeling of injustice, fear, helplessness, and pessimism ,and I feel that it is part of my duty to introduce the positive psychology and spread it as much as I can in the middle east and specially the Arabic counties, and I am lucky enough that I live in a place that allows me the chance to do that, as living in Dubai is ideal for this idea and is the perfect place and entrance for the Middle East, it is open enough to share with other cultures the progress in the Positive Psychology field. With all its diversity this is the gate that Positive Psychology can enter to Middle East.