Positive Clinical Psychology Division 
Election 2018


Airan holds a BSc Health Promotion from Dalhousie University in Canada. During her degree, she completed a few positive psychology related projects, including collaborating with local lead geriatric psychiatrists for seniors’ positive mental health, a research study on the well-being of rural physicians, and a workplace wellness project for healthcare professionals. She currently works in natural health with essential oils where she puts positive psychology into practice. Her works were presented at the 4th and 5th World Congresses on Positive Psychology, as well as at the 4th Canadian Conference on Positive Psychology. She’s passionate about promoting optimal health. One of her biggest accomplishments in life is to have helped a close family member overcome Depression. She now volunteers in the Clinical Division as the communications lead.

Statement of Purpose:

I understand to take on this position is to put myself in service and ensure all the division admin tasks run smoothly, such as meeting minutes, communications/liaisons, budgets, and division initiatives, in accordance with the missions and visions of our division and of IPPA. I first joined IPPA in 2013 and I am still a member today, because positive psychology has become part of my life, and I am happy to contribute to this wonderful community of IPPA. I am flexible and patient. I have been taking part in the monthly division calls since April 2017 (as far as I remember) so I have an idea of what’s going on in our division. With my experience leading a team of 24 people at work, I am confident that I can be a perfect Secretary 🙂