Positive Health and Wellness Division 
Election 2018


Svala is a medical doctor specialising as a family physician in Denmark and a PhD student

at the University of Iceland. She has a diploma in positive psychology from the same

university, and her main interest is in positive intervention and how physicians and other

health care workers can apply positive psychology in their work. Svala is passionate about

introducing positive psychology and its application to physicians in both primary care and

hospital settings and connecting those that work in the field.


Statement of Interest: 

Svala is mainly interested in public health and positive health promotion and feels the

application of positive interventions is extremely relevant in the health care system to

optimise human health wan. She is ambitious about introducing the field of positive

psychology to other health care workers. In working for IPPA‘s health division, she aims to

focus on connecting researchers around the world who are working in the field, establishing

collaborations among key stakeholders and thereby advanceing the field of positive health

and wellness in the world.