Education Division 
Election 2018


Sean Abrahams is the current IPPA regional representative for the African Continent. He is based at the University of Cape Town, South Africa in the Department of Student Affairs, Residence Life Division in work that blends a combination of research and a practitioner based approach. His Positive Psychology research and interest areas include, Hope, Grit, Flourishing and Inspiration within a higher education and residence context. He has published several books on student development in the areas of Purpose, Vision, Motivation, Discipline, and Focus. Currently he is working on the enhancement of a positive psychology co-curriculum for residences, seeking to enhance living and learning environments with the introduction and measurement of a ‘Positive Residence’ framework.

Statement of Interest:

Positive Psychology has become a very well developed field, particularly in developed countries. My application for this role is motivated by the perceived need to strengthen and increase our reach and impact within and across continents further. The division we are a part of has untapped potential. I would like to tap into that potential of each division member by offering:

–  regular, meaningful, and encouraging contact

– collaboratively developing a renewed and Ippa aligned strategic plan that inspires us all

– regularly connecting as a division to share progress

We have great work ahead of us to increase reach and impact within and across our regions. We have a lot to learn from connecting more with one another and more importantly a lot more to share, test, measure, apply, and discover within and beyond the fields we are situated. It would only be an honour to serve the division and the association in this role.