Positive Clinical Psychology Division 
Election 2018


Rhea L. Owens, Ph.D., L.P. is an Assistant Professor of Counseling Psychology at the University of North Dakota (USA) and is a licensed psychologist with a clinical specialty in the treatment and assessment of children and adolescents. She received her Master’s and Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from the University of Kansas. Her research interests include the clinical application of positive psychology and the assessment, application, and development of strengths. Dr. Owens is an Editorial Board member for the Journal of Positive Psychology and Well-being and The Counseling Psychologist (TCP). She also served as a guest Associate Editor for a special issue on Applications of Positive Psychology for TCP. Dr. Owens is currently a member of the International Positive Psychology Association’s (IPPA) Positive Clinical Division’s Executive Clinical Council. She is also the Editor-in-Chief of the Positive Clinical Division’s publication— Positive Clinical Psychology: An International Perspective. Dr. Owens has served on IPPA’s Membership Committee, including in the role of its Secretary. In 2009, Dr. Owens, alongside Dr. Jade Bender, created the Students of the International Positive Psychology Association (SIPPA) Division. She previously served as SIPPA’s President-Elect and President. She has also been part of the Executive Board of the Section on Positive Psychology (SPP) of the American Psychological Association since 2008 in the roles of Chair, Chair-Elect, Editor, Practice Representative, and Student Representative. She is currently the Past Chair of the SPP. Dr. Owens received the Shane J. Lopez Award for Professional Contributions in Positive Psychology and the Student Award for Distinguished Contributions in Positive Psychology from the SPP, as well as the International Positive Psychology Association’s Honorable Mention Dissertation Award.

Statement of Interest:

The advancement of the International Positive Psychology Association (IPPA) has been a cornerstone of my career. As a founder and first President-Elect of IPPA’s first division—the Students of the International Positive Psychology Association—I have been involved with the organization since its creation. I would be honored to serve in the role of President-Elect of the Positive Clinical Division and further its success. Positive psychology is my passion. Professionally, I seek to advance the research-base and clinical resources available to positive therapists. In addition, I provide clinical training to students through the integration of positive psychology in graduate (and previously undergraduate) courses and supervision. My goal is to disseminate the knowledge we have in the clinical application of positive psychology, so one day a balanced practice, rather than a deficit-focus, becomes the norm. Personally, I aspire to make positive psychology a way of life. When interacting and working with others, I make every effort to attend to their strengths and attempt to organize our shared goals around the unique and complementary abilities of the group. Furthermore, hope has a constant presence in my life; I find identifying and working towards new goals both energizing and fulfilling. In the role of President-Elect, I would aim to further the Division through: (a) the collection and dissemination of positive clinical resources; (b) highlighting featured members monthly; (c) the development of an international student representative initiative; (d) the creation of student, clinician, and researcher awards; and (e) further advancement of the Division’s publication, by facilitating two issues per year, growth in the number of submissions, and wide-spread dissemination. Thank you for your consideration of my application. If selected, I would carry on the great work of the Division and work hard to promote its development.