Positive Clinical Psychology Division 
Election 2018


Lyn Worsley B.A.hons(psych), R.N., MAPS Clinical college

With a previous background in nursing and teaching, Lyn Worsley is a Clinical Psychologist, Director and Senior Clinical Supervisor of the Resilience Centre in Sydney Australia. The Resilience Centre has a reputation for innovative solution–focused and positive psychological approaches to client change through research, training and therapy since 1997. Lyn is the author of the Resilience Doughnut which has become an international foundational ecological model of resilience used in clinical and developmental settings. Lyn has a dynamic style of relating across disciplines, and has been a passionate advocate of positive approaches to clinical intervention. Her work with the Resilience model proposes a focus on what is working and with whom strong connections are already building strengths. Her collaborative work with colleagues attests to a reputation of combining strengths to thrive, allowing affiliated associations to gather the benefit of her involvement. (Australasian Association of Brief Therapy, Australian Psychological Society, University associations and the International Positive Psychology Association). She is a visionary leader, with a knack of applying theory of positive change to practice. As a senior supervising Clinical Director of 14 registered and Clinical Psychologists over 20 years, she has insight into the changing face of Psychology and the effectiveness of applying positive and solution focused approaches to Clinical cases. As both a Registered Nurse and Clinical Psychologist, her experience, insight and leadership have led to impressive results with clients at the Resilience Centre such as; a sharp increase in resilience measures and personal competence, an increase in connected resources and a decrease in symptoms, with 65% of clients reporting these changes in less that 5 sessions.

Statement of Purpose:

As a Clinical Psychologist for over 20 years and previously a teacher and nurse for 17 years, I bring to the position a practical and applied approach to positive psychologies. I have long been a champion of positive and solution focused and narrative approaches to therapy. Having been trained in Solution Focused/ Brief therapy, and have applied various cognitive modalities to working with clinical cases in therapy. With a steady interest in research and training and experience in linking theory to practice, I hope to apply these skill to the international positive psychology community.

It is my hope in the position that I would support the president in fulfilling the goals and objectives as set out by the college. I am passionate about encouraging practical research and the development of tools, programs and training that facilitate the process of healing for those with mental illness towards a deep and flourishing life. I would seek to positively transform the response to mental illness and provide a platform for healthy debate and accountability for practitioners and clients. It is my hope in this role that I can lead the division toward an inclusive, collegial, and accountable organisation.