by Rémi Thériault, SIPPA regional representative for the region of Québec


I’m here as your new Québec regional representative reporting for you on the fourth Canadian Conference on Positive Psychology that was held in Toronto May 23-25! From relationships to positive institutions, between posters and talks to experiential workshops, morning yoga sessions and a magic show on empathy, there was something there for everyone’s taste!


In particular, I loved the talk from Alejandro Adler on a positive psychology intervention program he developed that greatly boosted both well-being and standardized academic performance in hundreds of thousands of students across hundreds of schools in Bhutan, Mexico, and Chile. My other favorite talks were those on wisdom, mystical experiences, procrastination, as well as John Helliwell’s talk on the road to a happier society. The workshop on good scientific methods and practice in positive psychology during the scientific meeting was also extremely useful. It covered—among other things—pre-registration, statistics, effect sizes, designs, effective control, placebo conditions, and non-linear effects, and I think they should have these at every positive psychology conference, especially for us students!


Last but not least, I had a really great time with old and new student peers from the positive psychology community! The student event we organized downtown was also a real success, and our group had delicious food while enjoying ourselves playing darts and talking about life! I’m really excited for the next student meetups at future positive psychology events!


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Artwork by Lori Danyluk of You Gotta Have Heart Inc