by Beata Souders

The 9th European Conference on Positive Psychology held in Budapest, Hungary from June 27th to the 30th was a huge success that speaks to the tremendous involvement and many contributions of the student community to the field of positive psychology. Students from around the globe presented their research and scientific posters and actively participated in the conference’s many offerings.

From monumental opening keynote by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi to closing remarks by Barbara Fredrickson and invitation to the next Congress by Lea Waters, the program included fabulous keynote speakers, engaging symposia, fascinating oral presentations and many dynamic workshops. Some of the most memorable take-aways included Tamás Freund presentation entitled “Network oscillations – learning – creativity: influences of our inner world and the information flood” and many opportunities to socialize.

Two of the Executive Committee members for the Student Division of IPPA, Beata Souders (Membership and Recruitment Co-Chair) and Milad Hadchiti (Regional Representative), represented SIPPA in their efforts to recruit for the open volunteer positions available for anyone who is looking to join our vibrant community in charting future directions of SIPPA. We hope more of our student will choose to participate in IPPA of events and get involved in many of our exciting opportunities.



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