The first African Positive Psychology Conference (APPC) was held in early April, 2018 in Potchefstroom, South Africa.

This conference established the Africa Positive Psychology Network (APPN) and the South African Positive Psychology Association (SAPPA). These bodies will become some of the custodians for the promotion of science, teaching, and practice of positive psychology on the African continent. IPPA looks forward to working with APPN and SAPPA to advance the field of positive psychology.


Dr. Antonella Delle Fave, member of IPPA’s Council of Advisors and IPPA representative at APPC, gave a keynote address at the conference. She shares her experience and highlights from the meeting:

Theories, constructs and scales developed in the western labs where positive psychology was founded and started growing were discussed through the critical stance of scholars coming from different nations within a complex and multicultural continent, whose historical and social features call for careful analysis and potential revisions of positive psychology models – too often considered as universal.  Such a diversity and multiplicity of perspectives allowed delegates to exchange and compare experiences, at both the research and applied levels. Several sessions were dedicated to measurement issues and to culturally grounded intervention models; a “meet the editors” session allowed young researchers to get useful hints and suggestions about the publication process; pre-conference workshops covered a variety of topics, ranging from research methodology to clinical intervention.

Find more information about APPC 2018 here.