The Positive Health and Wellness Division is conducting a foundational assessment of the research that has been published in the field, and we would love your help! This literature review project is an ongoing initiative that aims to capture the breadth of knowledge available around the world about how positive psychology constructs can improve the health and wellness of individual lives. This project will help develop an understanding of how the field continues to evolve within the larger domain of positive psychology. We have developed a multi-dimensional literature review procedure which allows volunteers to explore topics that align with their interests while contributing to this important work. 

Any division member interested in becoming a part of this initiative is welcome to join! Detailed instructions, hands-on training, and resources for conducting a literature review will be provided. Please see below for FAQs, and if you are ready to get started or have more questions, please fill out this form or contact us at

Q: What kind of topics will I get to learn about through this project?

A: The topics can be generated or suggested by the volunteers! We want this volunteer experience to be as meaningful and worthwhile as possible in addition to contributing to the advancement of the field. Example topics include positive emotions, resilience, character strengths in relation to physical health, mental health, and psychological wellness.

Q: How many hours am I expected to commit to this project?

A: Aside from the initial training and instruction session from the division, the weekly commitment for this literature review can vary depending on the volunteer’s availability. Interested division members can discuss the scope of the project with the leadership team, but on average the tasks may take between 1-3 hours per week. The division’s leadership team members will be in touch periodically to assess the overall progress of the project.

Q: By joining this project, does this mean I am officially a volunteer member of the division?

A: Absolutely! We truly appreciate your interest in working on this project. As we get going on this project and have a cohort of reviewers, your name will be listed on our division page and your contribution will be announced via our division communications.

I’m interested!