IPPA President Dr. Lea Waters, left, and Executive Director Dr. James Pawelski, right, express their gratitude to Dr. Barbara Fredrickson at the Fifth World Congress

We at IPPA are thrilled to share that Barbara Fredrickson, Ph.D., will be presented with the TANG Prize for her achievements in psychology and significant contributions to the well-being of humanity. In addition to celebrating Dr. Fredrickson’s influential research in the field of positive psychology and the study of positive emotions, the International Positive Psychology Association is thankful for her leadership. She is currently Immediate Past-President of IPPA and, during her Presidential term, served as Congress Chair for this year’s Fifth World Congress on Positive Psychology.

The TANG Foundation will present the $100,000 award to Dr. Fredrickson in Toronto, Canada on November 12, 2017. A special lecture by Dr. Fredrickson will follow.

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