I would like to begin by inviting your ideas, thoughts and suggestions. We aim to deliver value to you, our colleagues and members. Your feedback really does make a difference. Please send your thoughts and comments to sippadiv@ippanetwork.org.

If you haven’t yet visited our archive of past presenters then I cannot recommend a more inspiring and worthwhile reason to put down your books and stop typing.

Our Student Speaker Series is published quarterly and celebrates the student experience and perspective through our live online interviews and presentations with students who are making an impact in the field of positive psychology.  This could be a great next step for you.

Our student members and colleagues bring a highly professional approach to student-led research. Our most recent speaker, Marta Topor, presented her ideas crossing the boundaries between clinical and positive psychology. Her inspiring approach explored the possibilities of managing tic disorders using mindfulness and positive psychological approaches. Other previous presentations include Sue Ferguson, whose presentation focused on positive psychology and ageing: acceptance, hope and self-compassion in older adults. Sebastian Boo presented on excellence in teaching and Susan Mangan explored positive interventions.

Your call to action: What could you present? What is your passion? Is this your opportunity for personal and professional development? Is this your opportunity to connect with a larger audience?

Please send your ideas, thoughts or questions to sippadiv@ippanetwork.org