August 2017

Dear Colleagues,

It is my pleasure to present you with our next publication.  It is an important time of year for many of you who may be pushing to finish your dissertation, sit a round of exams or maybe apply for a PhD.

Wherever you are in your journey, we welcome you to connect with us and your fellow colleagues at SIPPA.

In this month’s newsletter we begin with an update from our President, Alireza Memarian. Following this, we offer SIPPA executive team opportunities Membership & Recruitment Co-chairs and SIPPA President-Elect. We report back on our contribution to the Fifth World Congress on Positive Psychology in Montreal, Canada. Our latest Student Speaker Series presentation featured Marta Topor, a SIPPA colleague addressing the potential of positive psychology to help treat tic disorders. Finally, we present two great articles on positive culture, featuring Action for Happiness and a piece by one of our student colleagues, Matt Coleman who writes – What do you expect?: Using Denmark to examine well-being and balance.

Have you been thinking “What will I do once I graduate?”. Our team want to help you explore this and are here to support you through your journey of becoming practitioners, researchers, and much more. We can help you gain great experiences and support you to build skills which will be invaluable to your professional development. Why not volunteer as a Regional Representative, connect with an amazing mentor, or take part in our Student Speaker Series?

We really want to connect with you, support you, and provide you with valuable resources so please do reach out, email, message us on Facebook or drop in if you’re nearby. Studying can be isolating and stressful and it’s much easier with a team on your side. Let us be your team.

Yours sincerely, Keith Cowley /

Yours sincerely,

Keith Cowley

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