International Perspectives on Positive Education

A webinar presented by IPPA’s Positive Education Division
October 19, 2017 at 7:30 PM EDT


Panelists at the Fifth World Congress. Photo courtesy of Andrew Brady

This is a conversation-based webinar based on the panel conducted during the Fifth World Congress on Positive Psychology in Montreal. Educators from different parts of the world who participated at the Congress will share their experiences with positive education and discuss why it matters. Examples of schools and universities using positive education around the world will be presented as well as the hurdles and opportunities that implementation in schools have presented. Panelists will also provide examples of the most inspirational work in positive education currently occurring and will answer attendees’ questions to engage in conversation on these topics.
Please join us to learn from:
  • Andrea Ortega Bechara, from Colombia;
  • Rosalinda Ballesteros, from Mexico;
  • Lucy Hone, from New Zealand;
  • Kaori Matsumoto, from Japan; and
  • Moderator Peggy Kern, from Australia

Webinars will follow with panelists from other places in the world.

Update: the webinar recording is now online. Please log in to this page to view the recording.