A proposal for a UNESCO Chair on Education for Global Peace Sustainability was recently accepted, which will integrate peace education and positive psychology. The Chair is led at the University of Lisbon through its Institute of Social and Political Sciences.

The UNESCO Chair on Education for Global Peace Sustainability is a co-constructed project that intends to advance a scientific and practical approach to the complexity of peace, particularly in relation to individual, collective, and national well-being. It addresses peace from the point of view of Public Happiness, and is devoted to educating, researching, and implementing innovative practices (at the individual, relational, and community level) that will try to include and expand upon works done so far around the world on peace education and peace studies. Namely, it will consider a sustainability point of view: both from an ecological perspective and in terms of sustaining peace in organizations and institutions. The links with positive psychology will be underlined.
Anyone around the world interested in being a partner is welcome to contribute as a person or an organization. Those interested can email the facilitator of the Chair, Helena Águeda Marujo, at hmarujo@iscsp.ulisboa.pt.

For additional information on this topic, please see this recent paper from the Scientific Society of the Portuguese Catholic University’s open-access journal: Creating Peace: The Education for Global Peace Sustainability Project