The Fifth World Congress was a huge success and was an excellent opportunity for researchers, scholars, and students to learn about new developments in the domain of positive psychology. The Student Division of IPPA (SIPPA) hosted workshops and presentations related to their student mentoring program. See what the Executive Team of SIPPA had to say about the World Congress, below.


Kim Cameron with event attendees at SIPPA’s Mentoring and Professional Development session

“SIPPA’s executive team is proud to report our Mentor and Professional Development event was a sold-out success at the World Congress in Montreal. Students were able to spend quality time with leading professionals who continue to grow and inspire future generations in the field of positive psychology. Mentees were represented from around the globe, including, Spain, Japan, Australia, and Columbia. Positive psychology is truly going global! We want to send a sincere and heartfelt thank you to all our mentors and mentees, who without them, this event would not have been the success it was.

“SIPPA’s Mentor and Professional Development event paired mentees with two mentors of their choice.  During 30 minute sessions, mentors fostered conversation by preparing a workshop or facilitated discussion related to their field of expertise. Conversations ranged from implementing character based education into higher education, scientific advances in positive psychology, the graduate school experience and utilizing positive psychology, positive clinical psychology, and more! Small groups allowed mentees to have personal and developmental conversations with seasoned positive psychology practitioners, educators, researchers, and students alike. Mentees expressed leaving the event feeling inspired and excited to grow the field of positive psychology. One mentee from Tokyo, Japan noted, ‘This unique event made the trip to the World Congress worth it.’ We welcome mentees to share their experience of the event in the comments section below.”

Sierra Trudel, Mentoring Co-chair, SIPPA


“As President Elect, I couldn’t be happier with the student and executive team passion and support for IPPA’s Student Division at the World Congress. It was wonderful to bring our community a little closer and to learn so much about how we can grow and develop our division.” 

Keith Cowley, President-elect, SIPPA


Alireza Memarian, Keith Cowley, and Sierra Trudel

“I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your participation at the SIPPA’s Anual Business Meeting, as well as SIPPA’s Mentoring Event at the World Congress.

And also, my thanks to my executive team, that I know how much time and effort they invested to not only get the project done but also to ensure the quality of steps of the process.

Students all over the world are valued members of our team, and I truly appreciate their contributions, please ensure to visit SIPPA’s website for mentoring and student speaker series and other news.”

Alireza Memarian, President, SIPPA


“The World Congress provided a fantastic opportunity to meet and connect with like-minded students passionate about positive psychology. SIPPA was well-represented, especially in providing a valuable mentoring experience where young students could learn directly from some scholars at the pinnacle of the field!”

Alex Landry, Conference & Special Events Co-chair, SIPPA


Division leaders volunteering at the IPPA booth


“It was unfortunate I was not able to attend the WC personally and a great opportunity missed. I would like to congratulate the IPPA for the immense success and the SIPPA team for their efforts during the WC. I was in touch with the events through SIPPA’s amazing executive team. I  am looking forward to all the videos of the WC and enthusiastically waiting for the 6th World Congress.”

Arun Gurung, Communication Chair, SIPPA