The Scientific Association of Positive Psychology (SAPP) for the academic study of positive psychology recently registered at Arak University in Iran.

Dr. Saeed Mousavipour, Alireza Memarian (current President of IPPA’s Student Division, SIPPA), and Sajjad Molavi officially founded the society on April 10, 2017. Its founding followed a presentation by Alireza Memarian on March 7, 2017 at Arak University.

SAPP seeks to promote the science of positive psychology throughout Iran. Membership is open to students, psychology researchers, and academics who share the society’s goals. SAPP has a number of divisions and has begun registering members.

Those interested in becoming involved with SAPP can contact Alireza Memarian at Please include a resume and letter of interest. Those in Iran can access information about this society and positive psychology news from “Iran Positive Psychology Network” on Telegram.