Applications are open until May 25.

One 4-year postdoctoral position and two 4-year PhD student positions are available with Dr. Disa Sauter at the University of Amsterdam, as part of a European Research Council-funded project: An Empirical Foundation for Understanding Positive Emotions. This project is also associated with the Amsterdam Interdisciplinary Centre for Emotion (AICE).

In the postdoctoral position, the candidate “will examine positive emotional experiences using a cross-cultural approach. The project will address multiple components of positive emotions, as well as the relationship between positive emotions, wellbeing and resilience. The project will employ experience sampling and make use of ‘big data’.” The full description and application can be found here.

Two PhD students “will examine the nonverbal communication of positive emotions across cultures and ages. The projects will examine cultural and developmental similarities and differences in facial (position 1) and vocal (position 2) behaviours associated with positive emotions. The projects will include the development of a set of new paradigms for eliciting a range of positive emotions.” The full description and application can be found here.