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  1. What is the organization hoping to accomplish with the intervention?
  • Who is the target of this intervention (e.g. employees, managers, etc.)?
  • What population is this intervention intended for? (e.g. type of organization or industry)?
  • What problem does this intervention seek to solve, and/or what positive outcome does this intervention seek to enhance or create?

2. Has the presenter adequately described the components of the intervention?

  • What are the psychological (or physical) mechanisms this intervention seeks to impact? (e.g. Would it work by creating positive habits of attention? By increasing self-efficacy? By causing a positive physiological shift?)
  • What are the expected outcomes and practical results you would anticipate from its implementation? (e.g. Would it result in more positive emotions? Greater productivity at work? Reduced crime rates?)

3. Has the presenter provided empirical and theoretical evidence for the intervention?

4. Has the presenter made a strong case for his or her intervention?

5. Does the implementation plan seem well thought-out and appropriate for the population? If the team already implemented the plan, did they adequately describe their thought-process and learning?

6. Do the expected outcomes seem supported by evidence? If the team already tested the intervention, were the outcomes well measured and explained? Do you think this intervention would work with other populations?