A message from Mentoring Co-Chairs 

pic3Mentoring can elevate your journey through development and in becoming a practitioner or researcher. This is why SIPPA supports mentoring activities, because we aim to support our valued student members at all levels and create great opportunities for professional growth and development. 

Benefits of having a mentor

This is an amazing opportunity for students to build a great relationship with a mentor that can help them make strong advances in their career and their personal life.

  • Assistance with problem solving
  • Warm introductions to new contacts
  • Free planning advice
  • Fresh ideas for a new perspective
  • Many famous business moguls had mentors
  • Reduced feelings of isolation
  • Learn from another person’s vision and experience

Benefits of mentoring

Our mentors are positive psychology professionals and academics who give back by supporting students through our mentoring activities. Helping them to learn and create connections that may evolve into future collaborations.

  • Make a positive difference in someone’s life
  • Mentoring becomes part of your life’s legacy
  • Expand your business network authentically
  • Build upon your leadership skills
  • Give back and help change the world
  • Learn from your mentee!

1-2-1 mentoring, group mentoring, coaching & development webinars and workshops will be offered. The goal is to make learning and growth truly available to all SIPPA mentees, while fostering diversity in the field.

Interested? Check out our new site and fill out the Mentor Information Questionnaire to get involved!

You can find more information here, and reach out to us at SIPPAmentoring@gmail.com.

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By Joining our student division of IPPA you are also investing in the future of our field, becoming part of a vibrant community of scholars and practitioners working to deliver our three-part mission:

  • To promote the science of positive psychology and its research-based applications
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  • To share the findings of positive psychology with the broadest possible audience

Your membership will also help fund IPPA programming, scholarships and awards, positive psychology conferences around the globe, and numerous other initiatives. SIPPA’s student members should be in good standing in an accredited academic program studying positive psychology or a related discipline.

Want your articles to feature in the next newsletter? We at SIPPA always look to encourage student involvement. It does not matter how far you are in your academic journey. All contributions are welcome. If you are stuck on how you would like to contribute, do not hesitate in contacting us. Please contact us at: SIPPAnetwork@gmail.com

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