sippa1IPPA’s Student Division (SIPPA) has an opportunity for members to actively support the next generation of positive psychology researchers and practitioners at SIPPA’s Mentor event at the Fifth World Congress on Positive Psychology.


Student members of IPPA will present the SIPPA Mentoring Event on Friday, July 14th from 7 – 8:30 pm. This year, in addition to facilitating traditional mentor/mentee connections, the planning team would like to incorporate an educational component to the event. SIPPA invites mentors and experienced students to propose mini-workshops and facilitated discussions that they might deliver on-site that will provide valuable coaching or development opportunities for students of positive psychology as they prepare to enter the field.

Examples of proposed workshops and discussions might include:

  • Incorporating positive psychology into your dissertation

  • Building a resume in graduate school for a career in academia

  • How to incorporate positive psychology in research

  • How to implement positive psychology in the classroom

  • What does positive psychology look like in counseling

  • How to incorporate positive psychology into your management and leadership style

If you would like to present to students at this event, please select a format from the following options and fill out the Event Mentor Questionnaire.
  • Workshops are 30 minute, small-group interactive sessions that focus on a specific intervention, assessment, research method or tool.
  •  Facilitated discussions are 10 minute prepared talks to educate mentees on a specific topic to stimulate discussion.
  • Question and Answer are open forums where mentees have the opportunity to ask mentors questions related to the mentors field.  No formal preparation is required.
The deadline to propose a  workshop or discussion is May 15, 2017.
SIPPA’s Executive Team will review each proposal and follow-up with submitters.
Finally, SIPPA invites students and potential mentees, to learn more about opportunities for one-on-one mentoring throughout the calendar year, by visiting SIPPA’s webpage.