2017 Division Strategic Planning

Process and Timeline:

1.Review IPPA’s strategic aims and goals for divisions
2.Work with leadership team (and Advisors if applicable) to develop corresponding activities
3.April 1st – Share proposals with Divisions Committee for review
4.April 2017 – Share proposals with division members for comment and Q&A
5.May 1st – Send final proposals seek Executive Committee for approval

Components of Your Report:

Please outline your division’s plans for 2017, including any projected budget requests or requests of other support from IPPA for the following categories:

I. Membership (Recruitment, Engagement)
II. Programming
III. External Support or Partnerships
IV. Leadership/Governance/Team-building
V. Other Activities

If you are proposing a new activity or offering, please include:

1. A brief description of the proposed activity/resource/program and explanation of how it:

  • Mission: align with and advance IPPA’s mission
  • Membership: fulfills a need and will be of value to members
  • Standards: will meet IPPA’s scientific/ ethical standards
  • Sustainability: might be resourced for long-term success and/or generate revenue

2. Name and contact information for division lead
3. A timeline for developing and executing the idea
4. A plan for funding, sustaining or managing operations (if applicable)
5. Anticipated budget (if applicable) 6. Requested support from IPPA (e.g. promotion)


Send completed forms to: jbrennan@ippanetwork.org

Considerations for Planning:

I. Membership:

  • Plan for Member Engagement & Communication
  • Plan for Member Recruitment
  • Org-wide opportunities:
    • Consider member benefits in relation to other orgs
    • Develop new organizational membership level
    • Create evaluation tool for potential partnerships
  • Changes to IPPA membership:
    • Affiliate level discontinued as of December 31, 2016
    • Student level – accredited school
    • IPPA Organizational membership level

II. Programming

  • Include your plan for past and current offerings
  • Use template to propose new offerings with budget – could they be implemented w/ all divisions?
  • Org-wide Programs/Initiatives:
    • Enhance virtual events and resources (e.g. PPLS, Learning Library, etc.)
    • Mentoring Program
    • Develop Ethical Standards of Practice for Application
    • Online Communities for researchers and practitioners: searchable, interactive member-driven resource containing tools, research, case studies, etc. where discussion, learning and connection can take place. Things divisions can do right now:
      1. Conduct a Literature Review of the body of research related to your topic  to identify key topic themes (and holes). This might turn into something that your division could publish in a scholarly journal.
      2. Invite division members to submit their own work – research and theory articles, case studies, white papers, etc. (See Monthly News Roundup submission guidelines in the Division toolkit)
      3. Review the online Learning Library on ippanetwork.org and identify relevant presentations that we can pull into a stand-alone collection based on your topic. This Library contains over 100 presentations from past World Congress presentations, the Positive Psychology Leader Series, and other conferences from around the world).
      4. Investigate what other organizations or companies are offering along these lines and identify elements that you would like to copy, build upon, etc.

III. External Support/Partnerships

  • Priority targets: Which organizations would you like to build a relationship with? Why? What might that relationship look like (e.g. joint promotion, sponsorship, collaborator?)
  • Sources of funding: Which companies, foundations, grants might support your divisions’ activities or divisions program? What pay-for-play opportunities exist?

IV. Leadership/Governance/Team-Building

  • Leadership development: What trainings or opportunities might you provide your leadership team and/or division members to build division leadership capacity?
  • Governance: How will you develop, document and clarify your divisions’ procedures and policies? (e.g. create Bylaws, division manual, etc.)