Penn_Logo_University_of_PennsylvaniaThe Positive Psychology Center at the University of Pennsylvania is now hiring for two full time positions, a Project Manager and a Research Manager, as part of an exciting new project on ‘The Humanities and Human Flourishing: A Multi-Disciplinary Collaboration for Understanding, Assessing, and Cultivating Well-Being.’ These managers will join a team of researchers investigating connections between well-being and the arts and humanities.

The Project Manager will drive the logistical processes of the grant. This will include designing, planning, and executing a series of disciplinary meetings. Additionally, the Project Manager will be responsible for tasks such as overseeing the development of a book series, writing progress reports, establishing and maintaining a website, and recruiting and supervising part-time student workers.

The Research Manager will manage the various research-oriented projects of the grant, including the development of a toolkit of measures for assessing the well-being effects of the arts and humanities, the preparation of a handbook bringing together relevant research, and the writing of research papers.

Full position and application details can be found at the links above. Applications must also be submitted through those webpages.