As part of its mission to increase the incorporation of positive psychology in academic research related to organizations and the practice of positive psychology in the organizational context, IPPA’s Work and Organizations Division co-sponsored a professional development workshop at the Academy of Management meeting, along with the David Cooperrider Center for Appreciative Inquiry at Champlain College.

This three-hour session brought together key leaders and scholars in the field of organization development, including present and past chairs of the Organization Development and Change (ODC) division of the Academy of Management. The thesis of the session was that ODC as a field has been stagnating for a while and a positive psychology perspective can help infuse new innovations and reinvigorate the field.

The session was opened by current ODC Board Member, David Bright and with a presentation on Positive OD by Bob Quinn (past ODC Chair).

Next, roundtables hosted by 6 top scholars including Laura Morgan Roberts, Jackie Stavros, and others, paired with 6 doctoral students, led discussions on the most pressing issues in ODC and how the positive lens could be used to offer fresh innovative solutions.

WOD Past-President, Meg Warren (Rao), and ODC Board Member, David Bright led a round table on how can positive interventions be viewed as credible, and how organizations can become virtuous.

“The debriefing from the session revealed a lot of energy and enthusiasm for the positive lens. Many attendees were newly introduced to the concept at this session, and were curious about the positive lens,” said Meg.

David Grant, Current chair of the ODC division encouraged ODC scholars and practitioners to more intentionally consider how positive interventions can transform organizations and society at large.