Around the web, people are talking and writing about the Fourth World Congress on Positive Psychology:

Positive Psychology Road Trip: Summer 2015 by Lisa Buksbaum

Positive Psychology News Daily

Lisa Buksbaum describes insights from the Congress from Martin Seligman, Tal Ben-Shahar, and Tom Rath, as well as the event she organized: IPPA Rocks the World with Soaringwords and Zumba.

The Future Looks Bright by Amanda Yuill

HuffPost Blog: Healthy Living

This overview of the World Congress highlights developments in positive psychology and includes a description of Martin Seligman’s opening plenary session.

Frontline report: World Congress on Positive Psychology 21015 by Sue Langley

Sue Langley, who also led a workshop at the World Congress, explores five themes of the Congress and her takeaways.

Critiques and Criticisms of Positive Psychology at the WCPP2015 by Seph Fontane Pennock

This article lists, by category, the issues that scientists and practitioners encounter in the field of positive psychology as presented in the panel on Critiques and Criticisms at the World Congress.

The Today Show Secrets of Happiness Series: “Who doesn’t want to be happy? We ask experts how it’s done” and “How can you be happier in everyday life?”

These two videos feature interview segments with IPPA Executive Director James Pawelski, President Barbara Fredrickson, Board Members Kim Cameron and Robert Vallerand, and Fourth World Congress speaker Tal Ben-Shahar. They share their thoughts and science-based recommendations on how to lead a happier life.