Coaching as An Applied Positive Psychology: Translating Research into Practice

May 21st, 2014

Anthony Grant, Ph.D.

Abstract: In this one-hour presentation, Associate Professor Anthony Grant, Ph.D. discusses insights from University of Sydney coaching research program and the Masters of Coaching Psychology program that shine light on key issues in coaching:

• Coaching as an applied Positive Psychology. Goals or well-being?
• Are we fooling our clients or ourselves? Does coaching really work?
• What is best in coaching? Solution construction or problem analysis?
• Is self-reflection really important in coaching? The psycho-mechanics of coaching.
• What matters most in the coach-coachee relationship? Beyond common factors.
• Three tips for improving your coaching practice. Simple methods for becoming a better coach.

Presenter: Anthony M. Grant, Ph.D., left school at the age of fifteen with no qualifications, completed his training as a carpenter and ran his own contracting business. Embarking on a second career in direct sales and marketing, he began tertiary studies in 1993 as a mature age student and then commencing a third career in his late 30’s with tertiary studies in psychology. He holds a BA (Hons) in Psychology, a MA in Behavioural Science and a PhD on the topic of Coaching Psychology. In January 2000 Anthony established the world’s first Coaching Psychology Unit at the School of Psychology at Sydney University where he is the Director, and holds an appointment as an Associate Professor. He is also a Visiting Professor at Oxford Brookes University, Oxford, UK; a Senior Fellow at the Melbourne School of Business, Melbourne University; and an Visiting Scholar at the Säid School of Business, Oxford University. In 2007 Anthony was awarded the British Psychological Society Award for outstanding professional and scientific contribution to Coaching Psychology, and in 2009 he was awarded the “Vision of Excellence Award” from Harvard University for his pioneering work in helping to develop a scientific foundation to coaching. Anthony has written eight books on evidence based coaching and has over 100 coaching related publications in the peer reviewed and professional press, including six randomised controlled coaching outcome studies.