Sierra Trudel, President

Sierra Trudel is a third year school psychology masters student at the University of Hartford. She currently works as a graduate assistant to the Program Accreditation Board Chair of the National Association of School Psychologists. Upon completion of her masters program, Sierra plans to obtain her PhD in school psychology or clinical psychology. Her research goal is to examine children and adolescents living in low socioeconomic urban communities, how this experience may alter brain development and what strategies can be implemented into these communities to combat systemic trauma. Specifically, how to create authentic and culturally sensitive interventions to foster flourishing – be it in a school setting or clinical setting. Sierra’s goal as President is to create a program that is accessible to all, which promotes diversity and authenticity within the positive psychology community.

Ketaki Diwan, President-Elect

Ketaki Diwan is a graduate student in Social Psychology at the Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Ketaki is from India where she has completed masters in I/O Psychology. Her research is focused on positive emotions as well as positive interventions. During her masters, Ketaki conducted studies that focused on examining cognitive appraisals of positive emotions. She conducted a web based positive intervention that was aimed at increasing cognitive reappraisal of positive emotion in doctors with lower emotion regulation. The difference in thought processes that lead to positive vs. negative emotion has always puzzled her. Ketaki believes that positive emotions are subtle but powerful in their own way. She is keen on exploring further through research, how our genuine social connections might help us in noticing positive emotions better. Ketaki’s goal as Membership and Recruitment Co- chair is to create engagement, opportunities and networking channels for students of positive psychology from across the world.

Alireza Memarian, Past-President

Alireza Memarian is the Director and Editor-In-Chief of the European Journal of Psychology & Educational Studies, Positive Psychology section representative for APA’s Counselling division across all Iranian universities and a global representative at International positive education network (IPEN). Alireza is a Ph.D. student working on his positive psychology thesis at Isfahan Azad University to raise and promote Positive Psychology initiatives within and outside of Iran.
He is passionate to promote Positive Psychology and Positive Education among university professors & students as well as to the public. His passion is working with academics to establish Positive Psychology Associations in the Middle East in cooperation with a wide range of psychologists.

Alireza’s knowledge of both eastern and western cultures, business strategy, positive psychology and education spans sixteen years. Working and training with different skills in Canada provided him with the proper tools and insight to organize and connect with students & researchers all over the world, to introduce positive psychology initiatives to them and also to reach his goals at SIPPA and IPPA.

Positive psychotherapy & resiliency studies are two of his favourite subjects for which he is currently working on. Alireza built networks like the “Iran Positive Psychology Network” and tries to gather all students interested in positive psychology and organize them. His activities are not limited to one country. He wants happiness and a good quality of life for everyone, all earth’s citizens.

Alireza Memarian believes that sharing knowledge related to positive psychology and networking with university students all over the world will be one of the most important foundations for SIPPA.

Alireza is passionate about connecting SIPPA to other positive psychology scientific organizations as well as connecting it to international organizations such as UNICEF & UNESCO!

“Think globally and act locally!”

Heena Parbhu, Co-Chair, Student Speaker Series

Heena is undertaking a level 2 Counselling Skills qualification and enjoying every minute of it. She completed a BSc in Psychology at Brunel University and is continuing her development and education by completing a vast range of courses. She has worked with Macmillan, within NHS CAMHS and AHM settings and is beginning a new role in Private Mental Health settings. Through her education and roles, she has come to develop a true appreciation for Positive Psychology and its application in the field. Heena is hoping she will be able to raise awareness of IPPA and the benefits of Positive Psychology within the UK.

Alex Landry, Co-Chair, Student Speaker Series

Alex is an undergraduate student at the University of California, Santa Barbara. As the Conference and Special Events chair, he hopes to integrate positive psychology into the larger academic and mainstream communities. He researches optimal development and teaching of mindfulness interventions and self-regulation strategies at UCSB’s Center for Mindfulness and Human Potential. Alex is particularly interested in how the promise of a positive psychology can be integrated into contemporary pedagogy to enhance wellbeing and fulfillment in future generations.


Beata Souders, Co-Chair, Membership and Recruitment

Beata is a Positive Psychology Practitioner and a PsyD candidate in Clinical Psychology at California Southern University, an accomplished HR professional, an entrepreneur, a student and a volunteer, who coaches, instructs and mentors using the principles of positive psychology. Inspired by Dr. Seligman’s call for 51 percent of human population to be flourishing by 2051, she has strong ideas on how we can reach that goal.

Beata holds a Master of Science degree in Positive Psychology from Life University, where under Dr. Richard Shook, she wrote her thesis on the theory of flow and mechanism of mindfulness. She is currently researching into its practical applications to increase engagement at work and launching an ambitious project of bringing her company to the list of Best Places to Work. Beata presented two scientific posters on the theory of flow at the 2017 World Congress, Montreal, QC and at the European Conference for Positive Psychology 2018, Budapest, Hungary. She is also an ICF certified coach, a member of Association of Positive Psychology Coaches, a Gottman Institute Certified Educator, and a member of European Flow Researchers Network. Beata is also an assistant trainer with Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching and have published a few on-line articles on subjects ranging from learned helplessness and gender differences in life priorities to engagement at work.

Beata’s long terms goal is to bring positive psychology to all institutions and publish a book, a form of manifesto to reclaim and redefine humanity out of the age of watered-down values and the culture of consumption toward conscious living and cultivation of courage, curiosity, and creativity.

Milad Hadchity, Regional Representative

Milad Hadchiti is people-oriented and has a passion for human potential. Through his 18 years of work as a radio and TV host, Milad has developed a profound interest in the fields of personal branding, coaching, and image consulting. He is the author of the best-selling book “365 for a Positive Life”, a daily guide to adopt a positive mindset. Recently, he produced a show entitled “the moment”, which embarks on the idea of spreading positivity. The content of the show includes techniques and guides on how to achieve positivity, as well as empowerment stories from guest stars. Milad is currently in the process of finishing his Masters in Science from the University of East London. He believes that with higher knowledge comes greater responsibilities. As a Certified Life Coach and Motivational Speaker, Milad energises and motivates his audience to think differently. Through humorous stories, refreshing insight, and latest techniques, he inspires people to make a positive change in their lives.

Monica Elvira Gutierrez Mesino, Regional Representative

Monica Elvira Gutierrez Mesino is a psychology student at Universidad Nacional Abierta y a Distancia, UNAD, student researcher at Kaamash (UNAD’s Research hotbed group), freelance translator Spanish-English-Spanish since 1999. She has been working as Human Resources Coordinator in her family’s company since 1993. She completed a certification as Bilingual Executive Secretary since 1998 at Colombo Americano, French at Universidad del Atlantico.
As part of the company where she works, she received award on safety at work in 2015 from Insurance company Colpatria, a grant from the government to develop an Innovation Process. She is certified as Assistant on Innovation at GIM Institute (Gobal Innovation Management Institute, Boston, USA).
Monica has worked as freelance translator for several national e international organizations, including E3 Partners, formerly called Global Mission Fellowship.
Monica’s primary objective is to share well-being with other people, well-being that comes from exercising a purposed life based on the virtues and character strengths that are promoted in Positive Psychology.
Currently, Monica is working on her preliminary graduation project based on the development of virtues and character strengths in teachers at a middle school in Barranquilla’s area. Monica lives in Barranquilla, Colombia.

Rémi Thériault, Regional Representative

Rémi Thériault obtained his B.A. in Psychology in 2016 and is currently wrapping up his M.Sc. in Psychiatry at McGill University, Montréal, Québec. He has been working within Dr. Amir Raz’s Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory for the last four years. His research has principally focused on exploring the mind-body connection through the placebo effect and the malleability of the sense of embodiment. His current graduate research focuses on psychological strategies to increase empathy and reduce intergroup prejudice, such as taking others’ perspective using virtual reality technology. Overall, Rémi is passionate about putting social-psychological research to use to increase people’s wellbeing and intrinsic motivation to help one another.

Lelisa Bera, Regional Representative

Lelisa Bera is an undergraduate student majoring in psychology and minoring in public policy at the University of California, Berkeley in the USA. In Spring of 2019, he will be graduating with a BA in Psychology and will then pursue a Ph.D. in Psychology. He uses positive psychology every day of his life. Since joining Greater Good Science Center (GGSC) as a member, Lelisa has been volunteering for different GGSC’s workshops and conferences where he heard about and developed the interest to join International Positive Psychology Association (IPPA). Lelisa became a member of IPPA in 2017 and currently works as a Regional Representative for SIPPA, where he has had the opportunity to work with other inspiring individuals from around the globe. His goal in this position is to reach out to local universities in his region to build awareness about SIPPA and IPPA, the 6th World Congress in Melbourne, Australia, and recruiting members. Also, he is excited to share information and updates with SIPPA members about open volunteer services and other resources that students of positive psychology can use.

Di-Anne Robin, Regional Representative

Di-Anne Robin is a graduate student at the University of East London (MSc in Applied Positive Psychology). Her research focuses on character strengths, mindfulness, self-efficacy and flourishing.
She hopes to bring the results of her study to families to help parents and children thrive.

Di-Anne is also a certified NLP coach and trainer and she incorporates positive psychology into her practice. In the fall of 2017, she led the first Action for Happiness course in Québec.