It’s Good to Be Good


January 29th, 2014

Stephen G. Post, Ph.D., is a philosopher, public speaker, professor of preventive medicine, and best-selling author who has taught at the University of Chicago Medical School, Fordham University-Marymount, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine (1988-2008), and Stony Brook University School of Medicine (2008-). He is an elected Fellow of the Hastings Center and a Senior Scholar of the Kennedy Institute of Ethics at Georgetown University. Post is Founding Director (2008) of the Center for Medical Humanities, Compassionate Care, and Bioethics at Stony Brook University School of Medicine  ( in the Department of Preventive Medicine.  He is an elected member of both the College of Physicians of Philadelphia and the New York Academy of Medicine.
good-bookPost has addressed the U.S. Congress on volunteerism and public health, and received the Congressional Certificate of Special Recognition for Outstanding Achievement. He was selected as the Public Member of the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) Composite Committee (2000-2005).  In 2012, Post received the Pioneer Medal for Outstanding Leadership in HealthCare from HealthCare Chaplaincy New York. He also received the Kama Book Award in Medical Humanities from World Literacy Canada (2008). Post has appeared on programs such as The Daily Show, John Stossel, 20/20 and Nightline.
His book The Moral Challenge of Alzheimer’s Disease: Ethical Issues from Diagnosis to Dying (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2000, 2nd edition) was designated a “medical classic of the century” by the British Medical Journal (2009), which wrote, “Until this pioneering work was published in 1995 the ethical aspects of the one of the most important illnesses of our aging populations were a neglected topic.” Post is an elected Member of the Medical and Scientific Advisory Board of Alzheimer’s Disease International, and a recipient of the Alzheimer’s Association “distinguished service award.”